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Alcatel One Touch Pop Mega A995L Review

The Alcatel One Touch Pop Mega AKA A995L has a funny name and don't let the image to the left of this review fool you, it is over-sized. The Onetouch Mega is called that for a reason. It is simply huge. With a usable screen of nearly 6 inches (larger than most phones) and the overall detentions coming in at: 6.39" x 3.32" x 0.34", you will not be disappointed with this mammoth (If you're into larger phablets). We have to say, as a first impression, this phone took us by surprise. It gave us much more than any other phone offered by Straight Talk and it was hard to go back to the usual sized phones...

First Impressions for the Alcatel A995l "One Touch Pop Mega"

With an overall jet black elegant design, the Mega is big but not bulky. That is important for many users now. We don't want bulk. We want size but it must be sleek. The Pop Mega is that and then some. The screen is large and the body is very flat like a small tablet. The back features a matte rubberized finish for better grip and the buttons are simple: One volume rocker and one power/sleeper button off to the right top. We found the location to be very convenient because it is not too high up and not too centered either, it is just right.

Set up:
The Pop Mega has a

Really Cool Features

Unlock default swipe:
The default unlock swipe has a really neat behavior, it floats and reacts to the position of the phone. As you move the phone so does the unlock swipe circle. if you spin it, it spins. It is really entertaining...

There is an independent side "Dual Screen Launcher" that allows you to select frequently used apps and literally save them to a side panel which you can show and hide from the left side of the screen. This is very convenient for quick access of your favorite applications.

Double Tap and Zoom

Easy access flashlight

Dual Screen Launcher

Regulatory and Safety from settings

How to:

How to get rid of the TracFone logo Strartup:
This is an interesting thing we found with the Alcatle Pop Mega that we have not seen on any other TracFone sponsored phone. You can skip the TracFone startup screen that has the TracFone logo by doing the follwing: Pull down the settings menu from the top slide down and locate an option called "Quick start" and check the box. The next time your phone powers on, you will not see the TracFone logo. Some people will find this very useful and less intrusive.