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Alcatel A382G Review

TracFone has added the first cell phone designed with large buttons presumably made for elderly users. The Alcaltel A382G is the perfect phone if you prefer huge (and we mean huge) buttons. One thing's for sure, this phone will reduce finger fumbles and incorrect dialing. With its large buttons and simple to use interface, the A382 is the perfect phone for grandma or grandpa.

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As already mentioned, the best feature on the Alcatel A382 is its large and easy to use buttons. This phone brings back memories of old home phones with its straightforward keypad. The menu items are laid out in a simple format with large font to help prevent eyestrain. You will be able to see the caller ID without any problem and the Send and End buttons are large enough that there will be no issue answering or rejecting the call.

Another great feature about the A382 is that it is Wireless Emergency Alert ready. This phone is able to receive emergency messages sent from the government to alert citizens of an impending attack, severe weather, or a message from the President. This gives peace of mind knowing that your elderly will not be out of touch in case of an emergency.

The phone does not have a data connection, which means there is no Internet or picture messaging. This phone is all business, only accepting calls or text messages. Removing data from the phone allows less menu items, keeping with it’s less is more theme.

Another important feature to note is the A382g loud speaker. The speaker is loud and clear and if the A382 starts ringing and it is set to loud, it will be heard! The call quality was excellent on this handset. This phone does not have much, but what it does have is of great quality. There are also some hidden features such as a dedicated button to show the phone number and a lock/unlock side keys that make it easy to use. The phone number button does takes some getting used to however since it is located on the back of the phone.

The A382 is the perfect phone for someone who just wants a phone without any bells and whistles. It’s easy to use and it works great for what it is: a simple phone.