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Huawei H866C User Review

Huawei H866C is a simple android handset that keeps you connected just as well as the big name phones. This is the second Huawei offered by Straight Talk and so far, it does the job well.

The Huawei H866C has an attractive oval shape however, something that bothered us about the phone is that it is very easy to leave fingerprints on it (maybe we had a buttered biscuit earlier but that was very noticeable). Have a cloth handy because it will get fingerprints all over it. I recommend getting a case for it if you like keeping your electronics tidy.

The good thing is it comes with a removable back cover. Many smart phones these days like to limit your access to the battery but the Huawei H866C allows you to access the battery and it has an expandable SD card slot so your phone can hold up to 32 Gigs of external memory. This is important because the phone only comes with 17M of internal memory and that is used up in a few seconds. The H866C will come with a 4gb SD card out of the box, but this can also fill up fast so we suggest buying a bigger SD card if you don’t have one already (at some point).

The H866C comes with Android 2.3.6 which is Gingerbread under the hood and it does the job well. H866C has a simple design with only 3 buttons (menu, home, back) as opposed to other phones which come with 4 buttons (search button is missing). It’s a decent sized phone with a 3.5 inch screen and has has one rear facing camera which is 3.2 mega pixels. Colors in pictures look washed out, so I wouldn’t recommend this phone if a high quality camera is on your wish list.

The phone is pre-loaded with Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, so you are ready to use your social media right out of the box! Just like all androids, you also get Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS.

All in all, the Huawei H866C is a capable smart phone. It has all your basic smart phone needs in an attractive and compact package.


Chip set: qualcomm
Weight including battery : 117.55g
Height : 4.6 inches
Width : 2.4 inches
Depth : . 4.6 inches
Android Version : Gingerbread 2.3.6
Processor speed : 800 MHZ
Screen size diagonal : 3.5 inches diagonal
Internal memory : 17 MB
Micro sd card size shipping with device : 4 Gigs
Max micro sd card size : 32 Gigs
Standby time : 12.7 days
Talk time : 7.2 hours
Headset jack : 3.5mm
DOES NOT SUPPORT adobe FLASH (unable to download either)
Camera mega pixels: 3.2 MP
Auto Focus: no
Camera Flash: no