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Straight Talk Huawei M865C Ascend II is a mouthful to say but it is a very nice Android Smartphone. Straight Talk has only offered Samsung, and LG but in a surprising move, they bring Huawei, Alcatel, and ZTE. Some of these brands are less known especially the ZTE and Alcatel but the Huawei is a relatively known brand and the Ascend II or the Huawei M865C is a phone that has been on the market on other carriers so we know it it can be trusted.

First Impressions:
We certainly did not expect a Huawei (Hoo A Wei) phone to be put out by Straight Talk but if any would come out the Aceend M865C would be the perfect choice since it has been around since about July 2011. This phone is sturdy but can only do so much with its 600 MHZ processor but for basic email, web browsing, and the occasional multitasking with applications, it will not disappoint. If you already know a thing or two about Straight Talk, you'll know that the $45 plan they offer is a refreshing break from the contract plans that can charge about $90 for a similar package. Mix that great monthly plan with a good Android Smart phone that will keep you connected, and you have a winning combination!

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Android Operating System:
Battery: Talk time = 3.66 hours Stand by time = 300 hours or 12 days approx.
Size: 3.50 inches Dimensions: 4.60 x 2.40 x 0.50 (117 x 61 x 13 mm)
Screen size:
Camera: 5MP with digital zoom
Weight: 4.10 oz (120 grams)
GPS Navigation: Yes
Charging port: Micro USB
Sensors: Light, Proximity, Accelerometer.
Processor , 600 MHz

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