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LG L38C Optimus Dynamic Review Straight Talk | NET10

The LG Optimus Dynamic L38C is a reduced version of the LG L86C with a slightly slower processor and an Android version lower, it runs Gingerbread version 2.3. Both phones use Verizon and do not require a SIM card. Even though the phone is tiny in comparison to the LG L86C, we still really liked the phone and were impressed with its simplicity. Since the L38C has a substantially smaller screen size than the L86C, the 800MHZ processor is plenty to run apps and process several tasks at the same time. We decided to put the LG L38C to the test to check its processing power and running a benchmark test, the processor actually clocked in at above 800 MHZ. What this means is you're getting the full processing speed as advertized and then some.
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LG L38C Optimus Dynamic Introduction:
The square form factor is an interesting combination with the rounded sides (not edges) and the first thing we noticed is the textured back cover which gives the LG L38C Optimus Dynamic an easy to grip feeling. It does feel a bit bulky from the lateral view and in fact, it is a bit thicker than the LG L86C but that could be because of where the speaker is placed (on top of the phone) causing a slight protrusion which runs down the entire length of the phone. The cover is super easy to remove because of this and only requires a few fingers on top and it snaps right off. The screen is not perfect and you can see the pixels in a dark background. We were not impressed with the 3.0 MP camera and the fact that there is no front facing camera but for a reduced phone, we could live with the cutbacks.

LG L38C Optimus Dynamic Specifications:

We will be the first to admit that the LG L38C is not impressive when it comes to its specs however they are not disappointing either. As stated earlier, the benchmark test actually showed the processor is more in line with a 1GHZ processor than an 800 MHZ one. While that's not a huge difference, it is still nice to know you're getting more than what you paid for.

LG L38C Optimus Dynamic Summary:
The Optimus Dynamic is your standard Android device with a unique form and shape which makes it stand out from the rest, not to mention the affordability angle. What we have here is a decent phone at a very decent price.

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