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LG Optimus ZIP L75C Straight Talk Review

The LG Optimus ZIP L75C is Straight Talk’s latest QWERTY prepaid NO Contract android. It is similar to the LG L55C AKA "Optimus Q" but the L75C is Straight Talk’s Verizon counterpart (The L55C uses the Sprint network). The LG L75C is a simple but complete phone with a slide out keypad for texting and for those that prefer a button response feel. You also get the touchscreen smart phone experience as well so we were pleased to see the slide out keyboard is still alive and well.

The Review:

The LG Optimus ZIP comes with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and it runs great with a mid level processor. The phone is compact and easy to handle and the size is a bit misleading since the keys are still easy to use even at fast texting speeds. The LG Opimus ZIP has all your standard smart phone goodies like Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and GPS turn by turn Navigation all included and of course you have access to the Google App Store for thousands of FREE and Paid Applications.

Physical Features:
The LG Optimus ZIP is all black with a smooth finish and it comes with a 3 mega-pixel camera capable of taking pictures or recording video. With the expandable SD memory, you can add an up to 32-gig SD card to store all your pictures and videos safely. The screen is a perfect 3 inches and the keyboard has a great response. Typing text messages on the LG Optimus ZIP is great. The keyboard is easy to adjust to and has some space between the keyboards to minimize typos. The home buttons are also physical which gives the user a sense of satisfaction that seems to be missing from touch screen buttons.

The Optimus ZIP also has a dedicated camera button on the right side for quick access to the camera. Rounding out the physical keys are the volume keys and a power button. The handset has a sturdy feel. The front is mostly the impact resistant screen with a minimal frame that has a finish that resembles brushed aluminum. The back of the phone feels rubbery. This feels great in your hands, soft yet scratch resistant. You may notice something that seems like a camera on the front of the phone. Unfortunately this is not a front facing camera but a proximity sensor instead. The good thing thing about the proximity sensor is that it detects the light and will adjust your screen brightness automatically (If you’ve ever looked at your phone in the dark and been blinded, you can appreciate this feature).

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Specifications for LG Optimus ZIP L75C:





Slide out QWERTY physical
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