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LG L35G User Review | Straight Talk and NET10

LG L35G is a small Android smart phone with a screen of only 3.2 inches it’s the android that fits in your pocket.
Expect some compromises to come with its tiny size, but if you are someone who misses the days when cell phones fit in your back pocket, this little phone may have what you are looking for.

The first thing you will notice about the L35 is it's tiny screen. You can be sure that’s the first thing everyone around you will notice too when you take out the phone. Unlocking the screen involves pulling the lock screen up which is a cute graphic not seen on other Androids.

My favorite thing on this phone is in the menu, you are able to collapse the apps so that you can view all the apps at once, or only the ones you downloaded. A neat little feature on this phone for keeping your apps organized.

The LG L35G camera is 3MP, Hardly a star. The phone has no flash either. Pictures look washed out and noisy. It would be a camera to use only if necessary. Screen is responsive enough, but the keyboard is so tiny you will have to download a better keyboard from the Google Play store, one that predicts your text because I can’t imagine much accuracy on this tiny screen.

All that said the phone was surprisingly compatible with most apps. Even though it doesn’t look like it, the phone is running a relatively updated version of Android with Gingerbread.

One thing that the phone does not compromise on is features. All your standard smart phone features are here. Bluetooth, Wifi, Google Sync, GPS; It’s all here in this small package. It also has an expandable SD card memory up to 32 gigs.

The LG L35 is a good introductory Android. If this is for a child or someone who prefers to keep it simple, you don’t really need more. L35 is compact, is app capable, and has a basic camera. If you prefer portability over screen size, you don’t need to look further than L35