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Motorola Ex431g Review

Straight Talk added the Motorola EX431G in addition to a few several other models (image below). The Motorola EX431G is the latest Motorola in front of the very popular Motorola EX124G. The Motorola EX431G is very different than the 124G though in fact, we cannot find any similarities. The Motorola EX431g is a full keypad phone with no touchscreen.

This is the latest Motorola phone for Straight Talk and NET10 in a long time. The EX431G is a GSM phone but not a smart phone. What this means is the Motorola EX431g will likely cost less but because Straight Talk and NET10 are starting to offer more modern phones, it is likely that the EX431G will have all the features (basic) you need. If you plan on using this as a work phone, you're in luck, the Motorola EX431G offers Exchange Email as well as push Gmail and other third party email providers.