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Straight Talk adds seven new phones

Straight Talk adds seven new phones to the already huge array of phones they offer. The phones are a blend of Androids and non smart phones and it is clear that Straight Talk is not messing around when it comes to trying to take over the prepaid market. They are on a full speed ahead mission to bring an option to just about anyone.

Straight Talk LG Optimus Black Review

Straight Talk LG Optimus Black appeared on the Straight Talk phone selection page in addition to the LG Optimus 2X and a Nokia C3G and we are loving all these phones!
The LG Optimus Black is an amazing fall off your chair Andriod all black clean and powerful phone for anyone who wants a great Android with NO CONTRACT!
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LG Optimus Q Net10 Specifications

The LG Optimus Q is being offered by both Straight Talk and NET10 cell phone carriers. Both offer the same exact phone for $179.99 and the only difference is the monthly plan cost. Straight Talk offeres the unlimited plan for $45.00 a month and Net10 offeres the unlimited plan for only $5.00 more at $50.00 a month. What sets the two appart besides the five dollar difference is that Straight Talk has a nationwide connection with WalMart and we feel more confident about that.

TracFone adds Android

Straight Talk adds: ZTE Illustra, Samsung Galaxy S III, LG 235C, Samsung S738C, Blackberry Curve, and two new Huawei phones

Straight Talk is busy adding new phones just as the news of ATT bring your own phone hits with the latest phones including two new Huwaweis, one ZTE, the Blackberry Curve, and of course the Samsung Galaxy S III. This is all very exciting because Straight Talk not only offers the lowest (not so unlimited) plans around but now you have even more phones to choose from. We don't mention the Windows Huawei that is scheduled to come out (featured in CIS 2013) because who knows if this phone is going to do well or not.

LG Optimus Quest My Review

LG Optimus Quest (LG L46C):

The LG Optimus Quest is simply an affordable Android offered by Straight Talk. You can pick this phone up for under $150 and that's a pretty cool thing especially if you need a replacement phone or just want a simple yet powerful Android phone.
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Straight Talk Phones (all)

LG L38C Optimus Dynamic Review Straight Talk | NET10

The LG Optimus Dynamic L38C is a reduced version of the LG L86C with a slightly slower processor and an Android version lower, it runs Gingerbread version 2.3. Both phones use Verizon and do not require a SIM card. Even though the phone is tiny in comparison to the LG L86C, we still really liked the phone and were impressed with its simplicity. Since the L38C has a substantially smaller screen size than the L86C, the 800MHZ processor is plenty to run apps and process several tasks at the same time.

Straight Talk adds New LG L96g, LG L86c, and LG L38C

Straight Talk has added three new LG phones: LG L96G (Optimus Ultimate), LG L86C, and LG L38C (Optimus Dynamic). All three phones are very similar with some variation such as either GSM or CDMA and of course size. Both the LG L96G Optimus Ultimate and the LG L86C are identical but one is a GSM phone (AT&T) and the other is a CDMA phone (Sprint or Verizon). What makes each of these different is that the GSM phone uses a SIM card while the LG L86C does not. Both have similar specs and they have the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

LG L96g Optimus Ultimate Review

The LG L96g for Straight Talk is one of the most complete phones being offered. The phone runs on Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 and has both a front facing web camera and a 5 megapixel standard rear camera. Offering a 1 GHZ processor and 1 GB on board memory, the LG L96g Optimus Ultimate is by far the best option from Straight Talk for the real Android enthusiasts. The impressive 4.3 inch screen is larger than most Androids including the latest iPhone 5. The battery life on the handset is really good for a smart phone with this kind of power and large screen.


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