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Orbic Home Alert by Straight Talk

The Orbic Smart Wireless Alert System AX54N Home Alert system is the latest surprises by Straight Talk. This is a unique device that works like a home alarm with a twits. You see, the Orbic AX54N is a stand-alone unit that monitors your home and alerts you via text message or pre-recorded message when a sensor in your house is triggered. You simply pay a small monthly fee (not determined yet) and install the simple unit around your house and that's it.

Who is Orbic?
We Googled "Orbic AX54N" and at the end of the page, found a company called RELIANCE that apparently manufacturers the Orbic AX54N device along with an Orbic 7" Android Tab. There is no other information about this company so we cannot provide a solid enough opinion about Reliance however, we are very interested in the AX54N because of the possibilities that the device offers. We would mostly be interested in using it to monitor the home as well as any other space that has restricted access. We will post different ideas here soon when we can get our inventive hands on the device.

As far as the value for the return, we feel that this unit is going to be a very low price point monthly but have no clue on how much the initial price will be. Keep in mind, that the unit only notifies you when there is a breach and nothing else. This is the digital equivalent of a neighbor screaming at you that someone is breaking into your house. There is no police, fire, or emergency response that will come to the rescue so that must be very clear up-front.

From what we found on other sites, the Orbic AX54N (which we will call home alert from here on) has a few attractive add-ons. The home alert can support a smoke detector, motion sensor, magnet sensor, and a key fob to activate and deactivate without the use of the keypad. Not too shabby however, I cannot help wonder how one would feel knowing that the house is on fire and no one is on the way. I suppose you can place a call to the fire department and let them have a look in your absence though, so, it is still a good idea.

Overall, the Orbic home alert system is a nice addition to Straight Talk (by nice addition we mean, straight talk is going all over the place) and with this we will no longer be surprised with their next move and in fact, we are expecting much more from Straight Talk and Walmart.