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Samsung s380c TracFone | NET10 Review

The Samsung S380C is a candy bar style QWERTY keyboard phone which is currently also offered by Cricket. It is a CDMA phone which means it does not use a SIM card and will likely work with Verizon towers and offer the same coverage as Verizon. If you have good Verizon coverage and you like a full keypad, the Samsung S380C is a phone for you. The S380C is offered by TracFone and NET10 and depending on your usage, you can use this phone for either a very low monthly cost (less than $10) with TracFone or you can go with the full unlimited plan for $50 with NET10.

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First Impression
The Samsung S380C is very similar to the Samsung S390G and it has a more direct approach than the S390G in that all the buttons are the type you press and it does not have that track pad that takes some getting used to. As far as what makes the Samsung S380C stand out is the fact that it is going to work with Verizon and the 3G is good depending on what area you live. If you know you have good Verizon coverage, this phone will do really well. The memory on this phone is very low (less than 132 MB) however you can expand the memory to 16 GB with an external SD card. This will do wonders if you plan on downloading games and other applications also available from GetJar or NET10 store. Be careful with the memory on this phone if you do not have an SD card since many of these phones share memory and if you fill up your contacts for example, you might see some deterioration in performance. Battery life was great with a standby of about 15 days so we did not have to charge the phone daily if it was not used but in use, you are looking at about 4-5 hours so just like most phones, if you use it, don't forget to charge it.
The phone does not have GPS or WiFi and that was a down side to it but it made it up with the built in MP3 player so we could take our music and transfer them to the SD card and with a decent headphones able to listen with no problem. The camera was very weak coming in at a 1.3 MP with no flash but it did render half decent pictures in very good light.

Manufacturer: Samsung
Technology: CDMA
Battery life: Talk time 4-5 days and stand by up to 14 days
Signal: Good in Verizon
Audio quality: Excellent
Dimensions: 4.41"x 2.44" x .50"
Weight: 3.4 (Ounces