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Straight Talk adds New LG L96g, LG L86c, and LG L38C

Straight Talk has added three new LG phones: LG L96G (Optimus Ultimate), LG L86C, and LG L38C (Optimus Dynamic). All three phones are very similar with some variation such as either GSM or CDMA and of course size. Both the LG L96G Optimus Ultimate and the LG L86C are identical but one is a GSM phone (AT&T) and the other is a CDMA phone (Sprint or Verizon). What makes each of these different is that the GSM phone uses a SIM card while the LG L86C does not. Both have similar specs and they have the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The LG L38C Optimus Dynamic is a miniature version of the Optimus Ultimate and the LG L86C however it runs an older version of Android (Gingerbread). As you might have guessed, the LG Optimus Dynamic, LG L38C is a more affordable version so expect it not to be in par with the Optimus Ultimate and L86C. For instance, the LG L38C Optimus Dynamic does not have a front facing camera but if this is not important to you, then going with the LG L38C Optimus Dynamic is not a bad option since you will save money.

The real joy is in the LG Optimus Ultimate LG L96G and LG L86C since these guys are packed with options and features not seen before with many Straight Talk phones.