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Straight Talk adds new phones

Four new phones have been added to the Straight Talk and NET10 line up. Two Motorola feature phones and two LG Android Smart phones. The Moto ex431, which is a
monoblock feature phone likely to take the place of the Motorola EX124g, the Motorola W419g, which is also a feature phone with physical buttons in the flip, the LG L45C, and LG L75C are the two latest Android phones running Gingerbread. These new options come at a time when Straight Talk already has a bunch of new phones on the lineup so it looks like they really want to cover all grounds from the higher end with the LG Optimus Black to the mid to low end with the Motorola W419g and the Motorola EX431g.

Find out if the new phones from Straight Talk are available in your area

The strategy looks simple, Straight Talk covers not only any budget and taste, but they also cover specific regions, technology, and carriers. It is a "do not put all your eggs in the same basket" approach and we need to applaud the effort. Putting out so many phones is no easy task and most carriers put out maybe two or three phones every few months but by our estimate, Straight talk has put out about 10 phones in the past four months. While not all phones become available right away, the intention is clear and we suspect the reason the phones are shown ahead of time is to gauge public interest. If the phones don't get sufficient interest, they might just simply pull them off the shelves.

Since Straight Talk works with Walmart, the volume of phones must be huge enough to warrant 10 new phones but as you might already know, too many choices confuses people and they easily get turned off. It's a known concept in marketing that if you offer your client three good choices, they are likely to make a choice and stay with you but if you overwhelm the client with too many options, they get confused. Take Costco for instance. This is a huge wholesale company that has stores nationwide. One of the reasons to their success is that they do all the research and they choose ONE product and offer it to you. They choose one type of product and do not confuse you with too many choices.

If Straight Talk does not properly segment these new phones, they run the risk of scaring away potential buyers even with the attractive $45.00 unlimited plan. The way we see it, these ten new phones can be classified by budget and technology below:

ZTE Merit
Motorola W419G
Samsung S390G
Samsung S425G

Find out if the new phones from Straight Talk are available in your area

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim
Alcatel Onetouch Flex