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Straight Talk Galaxy Grand Prime - Galaxy e5- Galaxy j1 - Onetouch Pop PIXI Pulsar - ZTE Scend ZTE Atrium

Straight talk put 6 new cool phones like the Samsung Galaxy E5, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Alcatel Onetouch Pixi Pulsar, Samsung Galaxy J1, ZTE Scend, and the ZTE Atrium. From what we read, only one of these phones, the Samsung Galaxy E5 (S978L) uses Android version 5 AKA Lollipop which kind of sucks because Lollipop is the latest Android version and it has been out for some time now. The good thing is that some of these phones are pretty advanced and you might be able to deal with Kitkat until there is a way to upgrade them like rooting or if Straight Talk pushes an update.

We learned about these phones from the Straight Talk website and a few other sites that have some basic information about each phone. Our pick, of course is the Samsung Galaxy E5 because it is probably not very expensive and it has Android Version 5.0 so we don't have to root or mess with it too much. Each of the new phones has a purpose and price that will fit just about everyone so Straight Talk has done a good job with covering all bases.

We love Straight Talk because they charge only $45 for what they call unlimited and by the way, they recently raised the data amount to 5 Gigs, twice what it was in April 2015. Not sure why they did this but it's good for everyone. So Straight Talk cost only $45 for what other carriers like AT&T are charging up to $80 or $90!

So here are some basic details about the new phones and we're going to revisit each one including the specs once we get our paws on them:

Samsung Galaxy E5 AKA S978L:
This is the hot item right here! The only thing we're not sure about is if it is AT&T or Verizon but since it has an "L" in the model number, we know it will have LTE and that for advanced users, is a MUST. This phone is sleeker and thinner than the rest of the 6 being talked about here and will probably sell for under $200 so it's a really good deal. We have three words to say about this phone: Lollypop, Lollypop, Lollypop!

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime AKA S920L:
This is the Samsung Galaxy S5 and to be really honest, if you have the money, spring for this phone instead of the Galaxy E5 simply because it has everything you need including NFC and fingerprint scan. We're not crazy about the design of the phone and are sick of the same galaxy had button but we'll forgive this one since that's where you put your finger to scan your print.

Alcatel Onetouch PIXI Pulsar AKA A460G:
The name says it all: Pixi, like a small magical creature but there's not much magic here other than the size. This A460g is very small compared to most larger phones and honestly, you are getting exactly what you pay for. It runs Kitkat and we're ok with that since this phone will probably sell for less than $50.

Samsung Galaxy J1 AKA S777C:
Another Samsung that looks like all the Galaxy phones 3-5, not the 6 though. This phone is a bit dated but it has the Samsung stamp so you know it's quality. Of the lower end phones, this one still is in the running and it too runs on Kitkat.

ZTE Scend AKA Z791g:
This ZTE phone is the GSM version of the ZTE Atrium and is a mid to low end phone. ZTE has started making better phones lately and they are really working hard to get up on top. We would gladly get the phone and put it to the test but for now, we can only speculate.

ZTE Atrium AKA Z793c:
Details to come...