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Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone Program

Straight Talk bring your own phone launched today 2/7/12 and it looks like an amazing revolutionary way of looking at cellular service. Straight Talk is telling anyone with an AT&T or T-Mobile contract cell phone they can drop that contract and pay a crazy low $45.00 per month for an unlimited plan.

Introduction to Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone:
Straight Talk Wireless is offering a new program where a user can buy a Straight Talk SIM and switch from a cell phone contract plan (ATT or T-Mobile) and use the same phone number but pay only $45.00 a month.

How to qualify
You already qualify! If you have an existing ATT or T-Mobile line, you qualify. There are no contracts to sign and all you have to do is port your phone number over to Straight Talk. If you don't have a phone yet, you just need an ATT or T-Mobile compatible phone or an unlocked phone and you can get a Straight Talk number. You do not need to have your credit checked or put down any deposit or activation fee. Just pay $14.99 for a new SIM and pay as you go.
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Do I have to sign a contract?
No. Straight Talk will not ask you to sign any contract. Once you have your number ported or received a new line from Straight Talk, you just pay for the monthly plan $45.00 a month.

There may be some restrictions related to high usage of data or calls. Straight Talk will cut off your line if you are using your phone to tether data on a laptop or stream large video files. Read the terms and conditions.
Find out how easy it is to switch

Technical Details
In order to get your phone to fully work with the new Straight Talk SIM, you will need to set a few settings on your phone. The main settings are in the APN (Access Point). Below are the technical details you need to update the APN and remove any old one:

Make these changes if you have ATT:

Straight Talk AT&T Settings
Field Settings
NAME Anything you want
APN att.mvno

Make thise changes if you have T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Settings
NAME Any name you like Any name you like
APN wap.tracfone wap.tracfone
PROXY leave empty
PORT 8080 8080
MMS PROXY leave empty
MMS PORT leave empty 8080

Find out how easy it is to switch

Straight Talk SIM - Bring Your Own Phone from Straight Talk Wireless