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Samsung Galaxy S2 S959G Straight Talk | NET10 Review

The latest phone to be added to the NET10 and Straight Talk line up is the Samsung Galaxy S2 AKA S959G. Based on ATTs Samsung Galaxy S2. The Samsung S959G is the Android without compromises starting at $399.99 with no contracts or credit checks.

The phone comes with a 1.2 Mhz processor that enables it to handle heavy email use. The phone comes preloaded with an application that can be used to view MS Office files. Quickly glance at spreadsheets, word documents, even a PowerPoint presentation right on your phone. Replying to emails on the phone is easy with the SWYPE keyboard. With some practice you will be quickly swiping your fingers over the phone to reply to texts and emails. If you don’t like the Samsung keyboard, you can easily download a third party keyboard from the app store until you find the keyboard that will allow you to write quickly and accurately.

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It’s expandable SD memory card slot allows you to save all your files externally to an SD card. The phone comes with 8gigs of internal memory, but the SD card memory is expandable up to 32 gigs. This means you could potentially have 40 gigs of memory on the 959G. The use of the SD card makes it easy to transfer the files from your old phone to the S959G.

The camera on the S959G is excellent. At 8MP, it can be used in all sorts of situations. It’s dual LED flash makes night shots possible. It’s capable of taking pictures of texts, portraits, or vast landscapes. While it won’t replace your SLR, it’s a wonderful camera to have available in your back pocket.

The S959G has a decent battery life for a smart phone. Estimated to last 16 days, the phone had no issues going through the whole day with regular use (i.e email, browsing, phone calls, few pictures) without needing a charge. The battery pack is quite accessible, though I don’t see why you would need to carry an extra battery as the battery life is great.

The phone has a wonderful build to it too. The screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass and uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED LCD technology. Everything on your screen will look clear and vivid. The phone is relatively light weighing in at just above 4 ounces. Its back plate has a raised texture, which avoids fingerprints and allows a better grip for its user.

All of this combines to make a sleek and professional looking phone. Nothing about this phone looks or feels like the pre paid phone stereotype. The Samsung S959G is an outstanding phone that will not leave you disappointed or lacking. All the features you want on your smart phone are loaded in the S959G.