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Motorola DEFY XT555C Straight Talk | NET10 Review

The water proof Motorola DEFY XT555C for Straight Talk and NET10 is the first Motorola Android offered by Straight Talk. The DEFY is supposed to be Water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and dust-proof but we will have to test this one out for ourselves. We suppose the term "water-resistant" is not the same as water proof or if it was, this would be an amazing phone. However having a "water resistant" phone for those of us who have accidently dropped phones inside a toilet or perhaps in a puddle of water, this is a blessing.

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Network: TBA (likely to be Sprint)
Technology CDMA
Battery life: Talk Time up to 5 hours ; Stand by up to 12.5 days
Signal/Reception: Good
Size: height> 4.528 width > 2.303
Weight: 23.92 oz
Processor: single core 1GHz
Touch Screen: Yes, Capacitive
Android: Android Gingerbread
SD Card Included? Yes 2GB
WiFi? yes, of course

The Motorola DEFY XT is a very decent phone and at $199, it is one the more affordable Androids offered by NET10. The best feature is the fact that the DEFY is water resistent however we do not recommend you try testing this out, it should be more of a just in case feature. The DEFY has a more rugged feel to it and it will probably be best suited for busy people who do not want to have a real sexy phone but do want a strong phone that will be around for a while.

Overall, the Motorola DEFY is a good buy and the no contract options offered by NET10 and Straight Talk cannot be beat.

Find out if the Motorola DEFY XT is available in your area