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ZTE 990g Merit Straight Talk

Straight Talk added the ZTE Merit to the list of upcoming Android phones. The ZTE Merit also known as the ZTE 990g is a great Android device with a simple to use interface. This seems like a phone that will be a step up from the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. The ZTE Merit has three main buttons and features chrome volume and power buttons. The body is rounded and it has a rubbery finish.

Detailed Specifications:

Model: ZTE-Z990G
Processor: 600 MHz
Cores: single
Total Memory: 431584 kB
Display: 320 x 480
DPI: 159x160
Sensors: LIS33DEADXL346 3-axis Accelerometer AK8973 3-axis Magnetic field sensor, AK8973 Orientation sensor, TSL2771 Proximity sensor
Camera: 5 MP
Battery details: Talk time: 5.8 hours Standby 10 days

Benchmark results:

We ran the Benchmark standard on the ZTE Merit (four times back to back) with no programs running and all available memory and the average of four runs was:
552.5 MHz (575,514,569,552)
(This result is not exactly what we expected but it is not horrible). Based on our usage, we felt the ZTE Merit performance was adequate and we did not see any lagging after much usage.

First impressions:

The ZTE 990g (Merit) is one of the easiest phones to use offered by Straight Talk because you don't have to mess with any activation process since it's GSM and works with AT&T. One you activate on line, the phone is good and ready to be used. The power on screens include a ZTE logo and the typical TracFone logo with the circles. Aside from that, you have no indication that the phone works with either TracFone or Straight Talk. The power and lock key is easy to use even though we prefer the button to be on the top right side, this button is on the top top right but because the phone is so small, you can palm the entire phone and lock and unlock it in a single move.


The ZTE Merit features a 5MP camera with 2.5x zoom. Here is a picture taken with the ZTE Merit in full daylight and at the highest brightness setting (you can adjust the brightness to get more contrast). Notice the image still captures fine details and it does what was intended (full brightness). You may not want to take pictures like this so you can adjust the brightness. The second picture has had the brightness adjusted to a more normal look.
Here are two images that have been scaled down: Click here to see a full size image 1.

Here is the second image (also scaled down) for this review. This image has a more normal brightness and by the way, it's a picture of a children's book.

Click here to see a full size image 2

The camera has the zoom, shutter sound (on,off), White balance (auto/ incandescent/ daylight / florescent / cloudy) as well as Auto focus, Expousure, picture size (from 5MP to 1MP), Picture quality, color effect, Select ISO, Saturation Level, Contrast, and Sharpness. So it is safe to say this is a versatile still camera.

You can also switch to video camera mode and take video (sample coming soon).
Check if the ZTE Merit is available in your zip code

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