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straight talk LG L40G

Straight Talk adds seven new phones

Straight Talk adds seven new phones to the already huge array of phones they offer. The phones are a blend of Androids and non smart phones and it is clear that Straight Talk is not messing around when it comes to trying to take over the prepaid market. They are on a full speed ahead mission to bring an option to just about anyone.

LG L40G Straight Talk | NET10 Review

The LG L40G from Straight Talk | NET10 is the first Android that will run Ice Cream Sandwich AKA Android version 4.0. This is a small compact and very slim phone with lots of expectations. The 800 MHZ processor is going to work overtime to move the latest version of Android however we hear that Android 4.0 has made some improvements in efficiency. So in the end, the LG L40G may actually do a very good job with only a single core 800 MHZ processor under the hood.

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