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Unimax is added to Straight Talk and NET10

In the latest strategic move, Straight Talk and NET10 add six new phones to the list of growing options of affordable smart and feature phones. As we saw last month, new phone manufacturers are joining the list of phone makers that Straight Talk and NET10 are offering including the latest addition: Unimax. Unimax is not a very well known phone maker and we are anxiously waiting to see how the first Unimax, the so called U670 going to measure up in both price as well as performance.

We did a little research on Unimax and found they have been making phones for several years and they mainly sell in non U.S. markets. Their reputation has not been fully established and we cannot say if the U670 is going to be a great phone or simply a good phone. One thing is for sure, Straight Talk does not put out any phone they don't trust so even though Unimax is new on the scene, we must say that if Straight Talk is releasing it, it must be good quality.

The Unimax U670 is an Android and likely to be at the average Straight Talk Android price between $99 - $179.99. The Unimax will have to stand out in order to compete with the Samsung Proclaim, Optimus ZIP, and the Optimus Black and time will tell if Unimax is good enough to have a second or even a third phone.